the thankful jar

welcome to my very 1st blog entry. i had no idea after 2 yrs of staring at a blank screen, what would get the wheels turning, as i have encountered roughly, 150,000 things to blog about, but never felt the need to actually do this. facebook, yes, this, no. facebook is a bubble of seclusion & this blog peels the lid off of a whole new can of worms & exposes self outside the bubble. which is a little bizarre for me.

welcome to my world. i hope you will enjoy whatever lies ahead, which is most likely incessant rambling, in mostly lower case lettering, with horrible sentence form.

on with the show….

the title above says thankful jar. this idea was spun from where all great ideas are formed, developed & stolen…. pinterest. the thing about pinterest is every time i see something genius, i feel like i have already thought of that idea, yet i forget it & pinterest is like deja vu, therefore i am not REALLY stealing ideas, i am reclaiming what was my own thought in the 1st place. even the pinterest website idea as a whole…..  mine. (that last sentence is a total lie btw.)

i constantly feel like my children need traditional things to carry through the yrs & will be scarred for eternity without them. i hear story after story of wonderful, traditional family so & so’s. us, not really so much. i have a 15yr old son & 2 yr old daughter, making the balance of anything almost non existent. they are light yrs a part in age so forget them sharing on the other’s level. thanks to the pint i pinned a pin at the beginning of 2012, with the idea that throughout the yr EVERY day our family would write down what they are thankful for & place into the jar. i was met with a glazed look from the hubs & a pffft, that’s lame from the teen, but after a meltdown nice chat, they decided to entertain me. As we begin 2013, we sat down last night & started reading back what we wrote. Even though we have roughly 7 thousand more to go, it’s been a nice twist for us. i like pausing throughout the day with God & reflecting on what i am thankful for & i place that into my spiritual jar, but it’s a really precious thing to sit & remind your family of the wonderful things we are so blessed with. we skip days & sometimes entries like, thankful for coffee, naps or that i survived the day or peed alone, have made appearances, but the ones where those you love remind you that they’re watching you sacrifice & work hard for their benefit & they love you for it, truly makes a heart swell up. 

so my reclaimed idea of the thankful jar, that i’d forgotten i created until pinterest reminded me, will continue throughout 2013, as a way to remember the good in ourselves. even though we’re 7dys late starting, this WILL happen. not sure what i will do with all of the slips of paper i am saving, but i am sure i have an idea for that, which has slipped my mind for the time being as well, but i know there is a “pin” out there to freshen my memory.

i hope & pray that you too will take the time, daily, to be thankful & encourage the same in your children & others in your life. create routines of thankfulness & prayer, centered around gratefulness to God, not just asking for things we think we need.

in the moments we are still, the moments we are most thankful, these moments we see what peace & contentment really feels like. we see how we are really designed to feel in our core. and to be honest, the tradition of reminding my family to exercise the routine of gratitude over things in their life, that are beyond measure & price, is the most treasured legacy i could dream for them to pass forward in the yrs to come.

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. Always be joyful.  Never stop praying. Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.Image



2 thoughts on “the thankful jar

  1. So needed this today. Thankful to Sheryl for sharing your blog. So many times we focus on struggles and “why me Lord”. Need to take time to be thankful. Great idea that keeps us humble. Look forward to more…


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