Dating My Son

It’s no doubt if you know me, you know I am so in love with my kids, that I just don’t know how to place words on the depth of how I feel about them. Whether it be your spouse, kids or love for Jesus…’s just not something you can explain to someone who hasn’t been in the thick of it. It has to be experienced & felt for yourself.

My son is 15, closer to 16 now. The weirdest thing in my life to wrap my head around. A little boy shot up to someone who can vote & fight for our country in a few years & you’d think it happened overnight. I had the luxury to stay home with him until he went to K & even though many yrs of our journey were spent, just the 2 of us, I always made a point to “date” him. Whether it was movies, dinners, trips, the beach,the museum, etc I always made a point to enjoy life with him outside of the hustle & bustle. Those are the places & moments you really get to “know” each other as individuals. I will assure you I’ve learned more from him than he can ever dream of learning from me. (I encourage you, whatever your kids ages, even grown, if you’re not doing this on a regular basis, you’re missing out, you’re jipping them & yourself of the most beautiful bonding you can experience.)

Since my daughter was born, almost 3 yrs now, sigh, our dates & our trips were put on pause for awhile. We really grieved that time so much, especially as we draw nearer to college & his departure (weeps). He’s the most amazing child & God blessed me a million fold to watch my family legacy grow through my son’s future. He’s definitely someone I brag on often because I believe in God’s plans for him so much & have watched it unfold for years. I assure you he will do great & wonderful things & I pray they are always for kingdom purposes.

As we have started re-dating, we decided to pack up shop, leave daddy & sis home for a few days & head to NYC for a spring break trip in March. It was one of THE most enjoyable/fun/awesome moments we’ve had together. Almost like time stopped for us for a minute. I also realized on that trip, how mature & responsible he really is & how I should give him more credit for holding his own. If it wasn’t for his map reading & subway directorial skills, I would’ve had us in Jersey. We only had one incident where we almost killed each other  had a disagreement. 8pm outside a dark, deserted tunnel in Central Park, arguing if that was the way we were supposed to go & the other one afraid we might be murdered. Hilarious now, not then. Only ding we had.

For your laughter/humor purposes & a future reminder when my brain gets elderly, I kept notes of some of the things that were said/experienced, that cracked us both up. I have a list for you. Enjoy it. I hope it brings you a smile & encourages you to take time for one on one memories also, before there isn’t any time left.

In no particular order & not always obvious who said it, but otherwise plain as day:

  • Magneto just got on this train
  • Dimitri Martin just passed us & looked me in the eyes
  • Mom, STOP taking pics of the ghetto
  • Gosh that girl looks like an older version of Grace. “yeah if we were Mexican they’d be identical 0_o
  • Was that guy being a dbag & totally treating us awful or was there something wrong with him? Because in this city I can’t tell the difference
  • Why are all of these people dressed up like giant critters & swarming Times Square?
  • Mom! Mom! Look, it’s Batman……Heeeeeeey Batman
  • Wouldn’t it be funny if I pushed you? Pushes me jokingly. Wasn’t funny, I’m scared of heights–On the 80th floor ledge of the top of Rockefeller Ctr
  • Dude, read this story of the 1st plane hitting the Trade Ctr. “NO” But seriously read this. “We are stuck in a plane, in NYC, with a wing issue. How about NO”
  • Whoa what’s going on in the subway? (as NYC’s finest carry hatchets down into the subway) “Oooh can we go down & see if there are bodies?” “No way. Let’s wait here until they bring them up & I can take pics”
  • I think we’ve walked 30 miles today. We should seriously ‘walk’ a marathon some day
  • Question to a cop, “Why is Wall St blocked off?” “Several packages were found that could be bombs” “Ok thank you” walk away…… “Sweet!! We’re getting ALL of the action on this trip. Let’s circle the block for a close up” And in no way worried we may be blown up
  • You may be the only person who brings their Bible & devotionals on vacation. “Well, I’m not on vaca from God”
  • If ONE more small, Asian person walks directly up in my grill saying Fendi/Gucci/Louis/Juicy/ back room, it’s gonna get real on Canal St
  • Mom, these are THE best dumplings I’ve ever eaten. Please God don’t let it be cats (China Town)
  • I’m not impressed by this Brooklyn Bridge, it’s a bridge. I like that one over there much better, the one with no one on it
  • Dang Liberty is tiny. No way I’m fitting in the crown OR the torch
  • I wonder how many years it will take for Bob Ross paintings to show up here? (At The Met)
  • Man this stuff is fascinating. People are going to hate the crap we leave behind in a few thousand years (Still at The Met)
  • If I lived here all I would do would be, eat. Eat & Eat. I wouldn’t be fat because I walked all of the time. But seriously. I came on this vacation primarily excited to eat.







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