Women’s Conference Invitation; Bama Bound

Ladies in the Russellville/TriCities area or close to the area, I put the link for purchasing tickets to the conference below. I hope that you will share the link & photo on your social pages & encourage your women’s groups, churches & unchurched friends to attend.
This event is not a denominational event, it’s not a church promotion event, we aren’t coming together to pressure you or cause you to feel uncomfortable or weird, especially if you are not a regular church goer. This is an event to bring ALL women, from ALL communities & backgrounds together to be encouraged, uplifted & inspired. You have a personal invite from me. I am unglued that I get to see & be with you. I promise you won’t leave the same way you arrived.
Please let me know if you or anyone you know cannot afford the ticket & scholarship arrangements will be made.
We have a testimony speaker in the morning, a fashion show & msg from a humanitarian org & leader Emily Fox from Forget the Frock, lunch, Dove winning artist Ellie Holcomb providing worship music, then me to close out the afternoon for you. We are going to have a blast! I’m praying for y’all in advance. Looking forward to God blowing the doors off!!

LIVE LINK FOR TICKETS: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/into-the-light-tickets-14756829073

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3 thoughts on “Women’s Conference Invitation; Bama Bound

  1. Hi and Good Morning,I was wondering, will this conference be available via webcast or recorded for DVD play back? I would love to see it eventhough I can’t be there. Tara Stolpe Bringing Clean Water to Developing Countrieswww.runningwatermissions.comCustomized Skin Care Solutions for Redefining, Reversing, and Preventing.https://tstolpe.myrandf.com/  941-321-7067    


    • No I did not win the contest. It definitely was not my time to go there. When it’s time to travel for mission work, He’ll provide, otherwise I know I have too much mission work to do locally 1st. Wish I could’ve seen you at the conference last Sat. We had a blessed time!


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