Stop What You Are Doing & Watch This-

Rarely do I post anything like this on such a whim, with no forethought, but I am, so work with me here.

I absolutely could not let this Easter Weekend pass & not pay this forward. Please share on your social media accounts as well.

After watching, I had to just sit & process for a few minutes. I have watched it no less than 6 thousand times, as we speak. I was rendered speechless & that doesn’t happen very often.

You may watch this & feel “meh” & unmoved. If that’s your reaction, then you are more than welcome to experience that nothingness.

BUT- if you watch this like I did, you’ll go through 6 different emotions ranging from startled to weeping to breathing into a bag. It’s a very powerful 7-ish minutes.

This was apparently the video shared during the Good Friday Service at Passion City Church. I cannot imagine seeing it presented on a large screen with the masses. As you can tell, my feelings are all over the place. I have mentioned only 400 times that Easter just does me in!

I pray you & whoever you share it with, will be as moved as I found myself; I was absolutely caught off guard!

An Unexpected Letter:

I hope you all have a wonderful, blessed, Resurrection Sunday!! He Is Alive! Tetelestai!



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