flip the switch

“I don’t wanna go in there. It’s dark & I’m scared. I guess I’m just not brave,” said my 5 year old, Grace. Immediately, displaying a downcast look that screamed, “Part of me has just let myself down. I faced the wall of fear & retreated like a coward.”

A moment I assume we’ve all had to encounter more times than we can recall. The place all the scripture, the prayer & segments of subconscious instruction we feel are concrete inside us, should be activated. Do we proceed as valiant warriors or choose to retreat in the face of fear? To wear the same downcast soul, feeling we too withdrew like weaklings.

Somewhere in life we deposit the idea the bravest of the brave became that way because they were gifted with something we simply do not have- an absence of fear.

We journey through existence with a distorted belief we’re missing it. Maybe even our walks with Christ are hindered because of this panic emotion & the nauseating distress that starts to overcome us, when we stand at the doorstep of our biggest potential.

Confused by the emotions of a racing heart, we can hear it beating in our ears; sweaty palms that shake, we think it’s the place where the walls block us. Misunderstanding this feeling is actually the rise of the Spirit equipping us with power to tear those walls down completely.

In my opinion, it’s 1 of the biggest lies in society & Christianity today; that to be bold you will be vacant of dread & proceed like a heroic soldier to victory. A piece of this exists somewhere in the minds of us all. Assuming the greatest leaders or influential world changers are who & where they are, because they lacked fear.

Like my daughter, we all encountered uneasy moments as children. Possibly, absent of someone to mold or educate us on this topic. Likely, even jokingly, brushed aside/scoffed at because our childlike anxiety seemed silly to our caretakers. Ironically, their daily battles may have even equaled ours, just on a greater scale & never realizing their own cycle of tension may have began the same way.

Even Jesus dealt with his own dread in Matthew 26:36-41 at Gethsemane, prior to his crucifixion. Also, reminding Peter after that moment, the spirit IS willing, but the body is weak.

Our greatest example & Savior showed us what it looks like to face fear, not remain separate from it; to trust more in faith than circumstance. Even when you know what the outcome will be.

Telling you, like I told Grace, as she inched toward the dark playroom that’s been a familiar spot for 5 yrs: “Darkness is just the absence of light- you always control the switch. Courage doesn’t surface because fear doesn’t exist, it’s grown because you keep going despite being unable to see. Our navigation to a brave life is defeating the phantoms in our thoughts, so God can reveal there was never anything in our way to start with, except ourselves”

Take all thoughts captive, making them obedient to Christ. He’s your sustained light switch who infinitely, lights the way.

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