Please, Sit At My Banquet Table, Share My Fruit

Sometimes the greatest extension of loving your neighbor isn’t your sermon, book, blog or media post- but maybe the simple act of returning texts, calls, emails, etc. Finally having that coffee or lunch date. Giving your physical time, despite excuse.

If you can’t be disciplined to reach back in the small ways, how can He ever trust you with the larger outreach moments? God didn’t intend for us to be so “busy” that we make time for things that produce nothing & push away the things that could ultimately change lives.

Maybe you can’t identify with yourself or your purpose right now, because you aren’t 1st using what’s already been gifted to you. If your life isn’t telling His story through your actions, your lips are preaching the lies you say you stand against. Want a revival for this nation? Your community? Your home? It starts with opening the door & stepping outside of everything comfortable & creating what isn’t there for you & for others.

If you truly want to lead people to the front door of God’s love, then you have to actually engage others in that friendship context. The 9 Fruit of the Spirit are to be given back to others in abundance. You don’t share the fruit, it rots. And sharing that fruit is for everyone. Not just those in the circle you’ve created. Others are starving. They can’t sit at His table & commune in a great feast, if the doors to the venue are chained closed. While others sit comfortably inside, feeding the ones they’d prefer to break bread with, assuming they are living out the Great Commission, mouths are salivating with spiritual hunger & thirst, for a taste of what you & I have. Look up, look at the windows, there are faces peering in & they want to be included in the love & the work of the Kingdom.

I firmly believe some of our greatest writers, speakers, worship leaders, teachers & mentors of this generation in Christ, haven’t even been heard of yet. They’re washing laundry, they’re taking out the trash, they’re rotating in the mundane, daily spin cycle of life. And when they reach out & try to break out of the cycle, to walk in faith, drop the introverted behavior, & attempt to make themselves known, those who could hold the key to unlocking the doors to the banquet room, keep them out; they’re waiting desperately to get in. Can you see them? I can. I am them so many times, myself. I am looking in too & at the same time I have been guilty of keeping the opening secured. Open the door! It’s time!

Yes, God’s going to do what God wants to do, but in His community our responsibility is to make visible, those who aren’t. And I don’t just mean those who are marginalized & need the voice of hope & help. Many people out there today could do remarkable things for those who need justice & mercy, but they do not have the community nor the connections to get those wheels turning. But, you do. We do.

Answer their questions, give some advice occasionally, respond, interact, extend the hand that helped & still helps hold you up & grow your ministry, that provides the kind words, that invites you to sit at the table. People don’t want anything from you that you/we aren’t equipped to give in our current season of life or ministry. Why are we missing this? It’s right there.

I firmly believe this is where the enemy roots his biggest success in dividing the church & those who have eternal purpose. If we can roll in our schedules long enough; keep ourselves distracted until bedtime or fill in the holes of our free time with nothing more than re-tweets, pretty quotes, & pinning boards about the life we wish we could create, then we yet again, fail to go out & do what Jesus himself instructed before He ascended.

Miracles would be happening, the Spirit would be moving, God stories would be told more consistently, if we were training others up in the way we were created. It is our sole purpose in life, besides loving God with all we have.

Go pass out His fruit to all. To ALL. It’s your duty, it’s mine. It’s the Spiritual sacrifice & offering that takes place of the OT rituals. Before your mission field is Africa or your hands create a community project, try looking around at those who are kept outside the gates of your life. Start small scale. These are the future leaders that may just assist you in the greatest journey of your life. How much greater could that calling be if you had a team whose souls were just as much on fire as your own?

Ask God to reveal those He’s brought to you specifically, to disciple. Go unlock the doors of the venue & put out some extra seats. Put down the distractions of the Internet & TV & bake the bread, pour the wine, that you’ve trained up to share. Our lives on Earth & after depend entirely on this act of obedience. Assemble the tribe for what’s coming.

How can the heart ever love, who it doesn’t know?

:: But, the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control. There is no law against these things! Gal. 5:22,23 ::

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