Giddy Up, Eunice- Book Review & Giveaway

Sophie Hudson is a woman after my heart.

We’re both Southerners, so everything she writes speaks my language. If only we rooted for the same college football team, we’d be made for one another. (Roll Tide!).

Her latest book Giddy Up, Eunice is a wonderful rally cry to connect with women the very things that have been used over time as a tool of division.

She is a quirky writer who has you howling in laughter one minute, crying another & in the next paragraph finding a meaningful moment in Scripture that ties the whole idea together.

Blessings flow from one generation to the next & Sophie does an amazing job of using women relationships from the Bible to tie into modern day scenarios, while offering a life application gift that we receive in every chapter.

Elizabeth & Mary, Ruth & Naomi, & even 2 of my very mysterious favorites, Lois & Eunice- she reveals pieces of their histories that I feel God left there on those pages of His Word, to be given & explained in a way that reveals His purposes never expire & they never return void. She reminds us again, we are not unlike those women & we are not unlike those women around us today.

It’s hard to truly know an author through their words, but Sophie does an amazing job of allowing herself to be poured out into her writing. I believe if you met her in person you wouldn’t be surprised that she’s the same as she is on the page. Those storytellers are my favorite. She’s a truth giver & her honesty & care for others leaps into your heart from the words she pens.

Beth Moore writes a great foreword & explains just who she has come to know Sophie as being over the years & make no mistake, she’s as genuine & hilarious as she seems.

You won’t regret reading this book. You’ll want to pay it forward to everyone you know who needs a laugh & a pick me up or may just need a reminder that God is still in the friendship business.

I want you to take this journey, so I am tickled to giveaway a copy to some lucky soul out there. All you have to do is a few, simple things here & you’re all registered: a Rafflecopter giveaway The more you do, the more entries you receive.

To purchase a copy of Giddy Up, Eunice for yourself or someone you know, you can do so at your favorite book retailer of choice or at the link provided:

Sophie is an author & also the creator of a fabulous blog, which she started writing in 2005. In her own words, “She hopes through her stories to show women encouragement, hope, & laughter in the everyday, joy-filled moments of life.” She is a devoted fan of pajama pants, cheering like crazy at college football games & watching entire seasons of TV shows in record time. She resides in Birmingham, AL with her husband & son.

Happy Reading, Y’all!!


*My opinion & comments are my own. I am not paid or encouraged for either by the author or B&H Publishing Company. I was provided a book copy by the publisher & author for an honest review. Any books received or given away may not be used for personal profit now or in the future.



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