Knowing Jesus, Teen Devotional; Review & Giveaway

In today’s world of pressure via social media influences, peers, Hollywood, & school environments, our teenagers are met with challenges that most of us never had to endure. Originality has been traded for the idea they must carbon copy the life & images of others in order to succeed.

Many churches across the nation have watered down the message of Christ & reduced youth gatherings to be centered around pizza, prizes, & recreational activity. We wonder why the youth departs the church after they’ve reached college age, while most adults are unaware they spent years raising their children in the building of church instead of raising them in the fullness of Christ & the Word.

Christian Leaders & parents have to equip & educate themselves, not by opinion or emotion, but by the direct Word of the LORD. To create a safe space where young people can be free to seek, research original translations, doctrine, & theology by way of apologetics. They need their questions answered intelligently & lovingly.

Most teenagers want to mimic or be like someone else, but there hasn’t been appropriate teaching to lead them to what matters most- the example of being more like Jesus.

In this book, Knowing Jesus, you will find 365 devotions for teens. Filled with Scripture & action points that focus on Christ’s life, ministry, & character. They will help your teen better understand who the Lord is and how He can change their life in amazing ways & how to spend the next year & beyond becoming more like Jesus, the ultimate role model.


This book is the perfect gift for any occasion & would even be a great donation for the teen library at your local church. It is necessary to direct & guide young people of today in the appropriate love & study of scripture, to become the Spirit filled leaders of tomorrow.

I want you all to have a copy, but unfortunately I only have one to giveaway to you today. My generous friends at B&H Publishing had you in mind & in order to win this copy, please go to a Rafflecopter giveaway & follow the simple instructions to enter. The more information you complete, the more entries you will receive.

If you are interested in purchasing a copy you can do so at this link: or any retailer where your favorite books are sold.

*My opinion & comments are my own. I am not paid or encouraged for either by the author(s) or B&H Publishing Company. I was provided a book copy by the publisher & author(s) for an honest review. Any books received or given away may not be used for personal profit now or in the future.




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