Love Lives Here by Maria Goff. Book Review & Giveaway

Bob & Maria Goff are known across the world by one word: Love. They have created an inspiring & Christ commanded legacy sewn across the globe by pressing into others & sharing their lives by living out the 2nd most important command, “Love your neighbor.”

Most of us want to love well. We were created for it. Love & the joy rooted within the beauty of this emotion, all fruit of the Spirit, provides a universal connection no matter where we roam. The things God has placed inside that give example to His Spirit can never be taken from us & I think that design, that connection with humanity, is the most fascinating thing our Creator left for us to share.

In the book by Maria Goff, Love Lives Here: Finding What You Need In A World Telling You What You Want, the author unwraps the story of her own life & journey. Writing a book of honest reflection instead of another manual of information or steps & instructions on how to live a more meaningful life, she provides a lens to view how she pressed forward, whether it was easy or difficult. It’s a book written in honesty & provides the reader with an example of lives well lived through fully loving.

If you are anything like me, as a reader & human, you enjoy hearing stories of truth & relatability. Life shared transparently opens windows & doors that welcome many of us home. Knowing others have ran ahead of us allows us all to know we aren’t alone & we will overcome whatever we face.

What Maria & her husband do well is make a home for others through their care; by laying slabs of love & welcoming those who know them into a permanent house of friendship. It’s evident in the words spoken by those who share life with the Goff’s, they practice what Christ instructed. In a world & sadly a Christian community that so often absorbs success, fame, promotion, & exclusivity, it’s refreshing to see people whose lives rotate around bringing a piece of Kingdom down to create pieces of holy space for others, no matter where they trod or what country God leads them to serve.

I hope you’ll read this book if you too are searching for something in example of unselfish love & outpouring. Described: Love Lives Here is a collection of stories that include the ways Maria & Bob navigated family their way, without clear instructions or a road map. It’s meant to inspire you to think about how to create a space to grow while loving others.


About the Author: Maria Goff has made a career out of loving family, serving her neighbors, turning houses into homes. She & husband Bob, have journeyed to Uganda, Nepal & Iraq to start schools for marginalized children. They have 3 adult children & live in San Diego where they dream of fun & adventures yet to be had with their growing family.

Find out more about this book at the website where you can also connect with Maria through social media links, order the book & read the endorsements from an impressive list of authors, leaders, & friends.


The wonderful folks at B&H Publishing, an imprint of LifeWay Christian Resources, provided me with a free copy of this book for review. You can find out more about B&H & their amazing list of authors & books at where purchase of any of your favorites is available.

This book would be great for personal use or as a gift. I would love to give a copy away. In order to qualify just sign up for my blog & leave a comment that you did (or already do subscribe), along with a reason why you or someone you know would feel blessed by this book. I’ll choose a winner soon & email you (which is also the reason I need you to subscribe). If time allows I may I also announce the winner through social media, but I can’t promise, as the end of the school year has me in the valley.

Feel free to share this blog post on your personal & social media pages. Thanks for stopping by!

*My opinion & comments are my own. I am not paid or encouraged for either by the author or B&H Publishing Company. I was provided a book copy by the publisher & author for an honest review. Any books received or given away may not be used for personal profit now or in the future.


3 thoughts on “Love Lives Here by Maria Goff. Book Review & Giveaway

  1. Just subscribed to follow your blog!!!!

    Would LOVE to get a copy of this book…receiving love is an emotion totally new to me & I want to know as much as I can!!! I am amazed at how LOVE affects each of us & how some people have plenty of LOVE to give & others seem to have an empty love tank.


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