About Jada

About Me’s are always hard- I am not a fan of the 3rd person profile. I’ll just skim the surface & give you a brief snapshot into my life vs. a lifetime achievement essay of accolades.

I talk a lot about God- about Christ. There isn’t an “About Me” without an “About Them.”

You’ll also find in the line-up, an amazing husband & 2 even more amazing children. We are the family who talks, lives, & behaves in ALL CAPS.

They all 3 saved my life in 3 critical & different seasons & I never shut up talking about them. J is a teacher, rugby coach, & wearer of many hats; my very best friend. My son is year 3 college & daughter 2nd grade. If you can do math, that’s a lot of distance between kids. Very blessed, but tired parents. We reside on the beautiful & humid SW FL coast.

You cannot say God has no sense of humor because I am a Bible Teacher & leader of other humans in the direct word. You had to know me for the 1st 36 years of life to understand how hysterical this really is or how God really does use the world’s idea of least qualified to lay a calling.

Jesus appeared to me on my Damascus walk & totally wrecked my life in all ways wonderful & many times over, confusing. I write a lot about this miracle story. A lot. I will never get over it. You can read much of it here: This Is My Story. This Is My Song. This Is My Testimony.

I have a strong desire for writing. It’s the place I’ve always found myself. The problem, besides social media rants & random blog posts, I kept it hidden until 2015. There have thankfully been great doors open for me to freelance write & have my pieces published. I pray for many more opportunities to come.

I would say I am more story & truth teller than trained or poetic writer. I have no educational foundation where writing is concerned. I love telling my family’s story, but specifically, I love telling God’s story. In my life both are woven together & again you won’t find one without the other.

I don’t lament or stress about my calling(s) anymore. I spent a great deal of my life trying to mirror what other people were doing instead of allowing myself to be original with my gifts. There’s no growth in copying something that’s already been done a particular way or trying to grab hold of another’s foundation when God has given you a unique journey of your own.

Spiritual success is more important to me than anything else- it’s my legacy. Changing a life through my experiences means much more to me than making a popular name for myself. I want people to know through my scroll of stories & experiences that someone understands & has been there.

http://multiplygoodness.com/ is a writing collaboration I am involved with & just like the site’s name, plenty of great things have grown on & offline through this team. Myself & others contribute a piece each month on various topics, so I’d love to invite you there to receive some encouragement. All social media links are listed on the website.

I get to review books for B&H Publishing/LifeWay http://www.bhpublishinggroup.com/  This is a sweet gig because I get to giveaway the books I receive to you, my readers & friends.

I was involved with a word tribe at http://www.ourwordscollaborative.com Sadly, that journey ended when 2016 did, but I plan to slowly start moving those archived pieces for viewing.

I have been published in & guest written on several hundred pieces for various websites, blogs, magazines, & personal pieces.

I hoard items for a cause & jump in wherever I can to be a real life activist for others, instead of an internet activist. Doing my best to constantly remember: “Re-tweeting isn’t action for others in need.”

I don’t usually mince my words & I really love sarcasm & satire. || I’m a huge AL football fan, ROLL TIDE!! || I love to travel. || I am trying to be a better friend. || I am trying to calm down & let people live out their “issues” without inserting my $.02, especially online. || I’m in a constant state of reminding myself, I am not Jr. God. He needs my example of love, not my authority or judgment. || I am embracing my life & the loss of my ripped abs. (40’s, man). || I still don’t like cheese- I see your judging. (Despite being a Southern girl, I loathe mac ‘n cheese & this severely pains others.) || I’m OK with saying no. || I abuse the use of a comma. || I’m totally fine with carbs. || I am not the friend you put on speaker phone || And a whole bunch of other stuff…. you’ll find out if you stick around.

We’ll see where the roads lead. I just go & grow where the path takes me.

Hopefully, you’ll get some encouragement here. I really hope we can hold hands & keep this an argue free zone. Internet stone throwing is a thorn in my side. We are much better together than we will ever be divided.

I want to talk to you through my writing, the same way I would if we were sitting side by side. Except you can’t hear my thick Bama accent or my never ending repeat of the word, y’all- which is absolutely authentic, btw.

::An apology- Deeply forgive some of the archived posts. In the very beginning I never cared about typing etiquette, so bear with that & try not to gasp/faint over all of my grammatical errors. One day I’ll find the courage to delete them all. They are my blog babies::

Enjoy the words & thanks for stopping by! Make sure you pop in your email address to have posts delivered right to your inbox. I also invite you to follow me on social media, where the crazy really gets paraded around. Blessings!



Me & My People:






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8 thoughts on “About Jada

  1. Girl, you stole my heart when you shared your story
    at a women’s conference that I attended at FBC, Russellville.
    I’m so glad I found out about your blog!


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